A & A Learning Centre

A & A Learning Centre is an established tuition centre priding over 10 years of excellence guiding students to paths of success and achievements. Providing ONLY well-trained and experienced tutors cum school teachers, we ensure precise information and systematic approaches in guiding all students. 

We take it as our highest priority to provide comfort and interest for education while promoting awareness and critical analysis within students therefore developing wider and more evaluative individuals in accordance with the Education Ministry's mission statement to generate individuals who are competent, innovative and of noble character.

We accommodate Exam-Oriented strategies exercising strict adherence to the Malaysian National Curriculum, i.e. the school syllabus, to facilitate the learning process for all students. Worksheets are self-designed and assessments updated regularly so that all students are not limited to school teachings, as we understand that this added advantage encourages and fosters strong discipline, creative thinking and self-driving motivation. Classes are fully air conditioned and maintained small. We believe that this student-tutor proximity will allow a more conducive learning environment. 

A & A Learning Centre is not limited to the student's academic growth, as we provide training, extra class and activities to help them ready themselves for life post-school. We live in an era of mass technology and internet development, therefore we believe this: This virtual learning environment (VLE) is now here to only bring out the best from any and every student of A & A Learning Centre!